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Rent-Paying Tenant

Mr. Goodnow is a single parent who works two jobs and pays his rent on time every month

10 Sep, 2016  No comments

Springfield Outfest

In Springfield OutFest, Springfield Pride is a local advocacy organization that supports the city of Springfield’s siz ...

10 Sep, 2016  No comments

Hong Kong Property Deal

The Hong Kong Property Deal is a simple two-party negotiation that appears to have a single distributive issue (price)

10 Sep, 2016  No comments

From Sony to SOPA

Copyright law, which is intended to provide creative rights and financial protection to content creators

10 Sep, 2016  No comments

Sinaloa Cartel

If the Sinaloa Cartel were a legal enterprise, it would be one of the forty largest companies in Mexico and a member of ...

06 Sep, 2016  No comments

El Paso's Sale to Kinder Morgan

In 2011, El Paso — publicly traded oil and gas company — agreed to be bought out by Kinder Morgan, a leading owner/o ...

06 Sep, 2016  No comments

Bank of America-Merrill Lynch

In September 2008, as Lehman Brothers struggled to survive, John Thain, CEO of Merrill Lynch, realized that his bank was ...

06 Sep, 2016  No comments

The WikiLeaks Incident

In 2010, a disaffected U.S. Army intelligence analyst allegedly copied a large trove of U.S. government documents and se ...

06 Sep, 2016  No comments

Balloon Boy

On October 15, 2009, Richard and Mayumi Heene called 911 in a panic. Their son Falcon had gone missing ...

06 Sep, 2016  No comments


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